About Our Founder

Rocco Colasanti crossed the At20150506_085819lantic from Italy in 1920 at age 17.  He worked the railroads in NY and eventually migrated to Michigan.

He worked for the JA Utley Co for approximately 17 years as a cement mason.  In the late 30s he began working for the Darin and Armstrong Company, who at the time were recognized as a large industrial builder.  By the early 40s they were considered one of the largest industrial builders in the US.

While at Darin and Armstrong, Rocco honed his skills as a concrete foreman.  He was fanatic about concrete.

In 1953 he started his own business with his oldest son, Alfred.  In 1954 the two of them were joined by Angelo (his second son) in what was known as Colasanti Cement Floor Company Inc.  Together, the three men turned that most basic of construction materials, concrete, into the foundation of a large corporation and the building blocks of a city.

For many people, especially in our market and economy, a job is a job.  For Rocco Colasanti, concrete was so much more than a means to earn a living, it was his passion.  He studied concrete the way a doctor studies anatomy, learning all the delicate intricacies of each material and chemical reaction that produced this amazing product.  He pioneered means and methods from his findings that allowed his company to finish concrete under any circumstance.  This exceptional level of understanding of his product translated into ease of preparation and planning in order to overcome any event.

The planning and preparation that resulted from his knowledge told many success stories.  “I remember pouring concrete in zero degree weather,” he reminisced, confidence exuding through his eyes.  Rocco was a man that could make anything happen.

Rocco’s vision for the company was starting to be realized: “With every significant project we finished, you could see it, feel it and touch it.”  The “it” he was referring to was the aspiration and the dream he had to create an institution that would be passed down for generations.

Officially incorporated in 1954, Colasanti evolved from a concrete flooring contractor to an installer of deep foundations and walls in the ‘70s which led into high rise structural construction.

In 1983 the Colasanti Family decided to expand their services to the South and Southeast United States and open a separate company, a self perform concrete company focusing on structural concrete work, this was the beginning of CCK CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, INC.  The first job for CCK was in North Carolina.  Eventually CCK moved into Florida and opened an office in Orlando in 2000.  Prior to the office opening, CCK was running the business out of the different jobsites.

Since 1983 CCK has increased it’s client base, project types, developed a highly qualified and experienced team.  CCK has also embraced many different technologies and building practices to provide the most cutting edge product, built efficiently and with more accuracy.

Rocco passed away in 1969, leaving behind a legacy rooted in intricate knowledge of the product and forward thinking development and implantation of strategy.  He built a solid foundation that allowed his dream to be actualized.  Our job, as the third and fourth generations, is to continue the “Colasanti Legacy”.

CCK Core Values

CCK operates in many different market sectors and on diverse projects, and these core values have been the foundation of our success, delivering great value to our clients.


Client Focus
We focus on developing lasting relationships with each one of our clients.  We exceed expectations on performance, today,

tomorrow and in the future.  We are responsive, provide support and collaboration to achieve the highest quality standards.

We make responsible, informed decisions based on high professional standards.

We take accountability and are honest and responsible with our commitments.

We do whatever it takes to provide a successful project, safely while meeting schedule

deadlines as well as budgetary requirements.

We take each opportunity to grow and learn in order to provide the best most cutting edge product.

We encourage and implement thoughtful, creative and inspirational ideas.

We strive to develop new ideas and continually improve the way we do business.

Working together as a team is critical to our success, we are better together.

By working together openly, honestly and in a professional manner we achieve exceptional results.

We protect our people, clients, the environment and the communities in which we do business.

We believe in excellence above all else; excellence in safety, quality, productivity, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

CCK’s reputation has fueled a fundamental part of our growth and success.   By following these core values

we build relationships with our customers, employees, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and the communities

that we serve, giving them the confidence to trust us with the vision of each individual project.

CCK History

CCK Established

CCK Construction Services, Inc. was established in 1983 in North Carolina.
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Orlando Office

CCK Construction Services, Inc. opened an office in Orlando, FL on Sand Lake Road.
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In 2010 CCK was awarded its first Disney Project.
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In 2011 CCK was awarded the UTSW Hospital Project in Dallas, Texas.
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Government Work

In 2012 CCK was awarded two large government projects, both in Florida.
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In 2013 CCK was awarded its first project for Universal Studios, in Orlando, FL.
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Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars expanded the stadium in 2014.
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The Future

This family firm, founded on the hard work of the Italian Immigrant, Rocco Colasanti has grown into a major local and national player in the construction business.
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